How to Make a DIY Wooden Growth Chart Ruler

Learn to make this wooden growth chart ruler with this step by step tutorial. This oversized measuring stick features a slider to simplify measuring the height of your little ones and this tutorial includes an idea for personalizing the chart with your child’s name and birth stats. This growth chart makes the perfect gift for…

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5 Unexpected Ways to Use a Cricut for Wood Projects

Try these 5 creative hacks that no one talks about. These tips are perfect for personalizing, customizing and improving precision and detail in all of your wood projects, without having to buy an expensive CNC machine. These ideas are especially valuable if you have a craft business and are selling wooden products! You may have…

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DIY Wooden Rainbow Sorting Toy With Peg Dolls

This Montessori style toy is the perfect combination of open ended and learning toy. The rainbow can be painted in one colour per ring or in multiple shades per ring to alter the difficulty. The peg dolls are perfect for open ended and small parts play. Build this beautiful handmade toy and watch your child…

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DIY Wooden Shelves & Brackets

These wooden shelves with brackets make the perfect open shelving for any room of your home. They are inexpensive and take very little time to make. Shelving is always great for using the vertical space in your home for storage and décor. I made these shelves with my daughter’s nursery in mind. I wanted a…

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DIY Wooden Balancing Blocks

These Montessori inspired wooden gemstones are perfect for open ended play. You can stack them, balance, them, and use them for imaginative play. Not only are they fun to play with, but they help with fine motor skills. They also make incredible shelf décor and if the wood is left raw they add a natural,…

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DIY Wooden Wall Hooks: Make Adorable Food Themed Hooks

These wooden wall hooks are not only cute décor for your child’s room or nursery, but they are also super functional and completely unique. Do you ever wish you had a place in your child’s room to hang a towel or display a cute outfit you’ve been planning? These little food themed wall hooks are…

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Reversible, Interchangeable Wooden Kitchen Sign

This wooden sign is Perfect for tiered tray décor. You can customize it and easily change the sign faces for any season. This sign is a simple design and it can be made to any dimensions to fit your space. Swap out the sign faces and change up your décor in seconds. I designed this…

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Make Your Own Wooden Address Plaque

Complete with hand cut numbers and diagonal slats I was commissioned to make this sign for a friend’s front entrance. I based the design off of a sign I made for my own home about a year ago. I altered the design based for her space and added a slightly different style, but I think…

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DIY Wooden Stacking Name Blocks & Baby Animal SVGs

Wooden toys are my favourite. I love that they can look beautiful and teach my kids so much. I love how they encourage imaginative play and help with gross and fine motor skills. Jump to Baby Animal SVGs I made this toy for my 8 month old daughter. She is at the grasping-and-banging-toys-together stage right…

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How I Fell in Love With Woodworking

My love of woodworking began during my maternity leave with my first daughter. I was at home dealing with a fussy baby who needed a regimented routine and trying to get used to being a new mom. Being at home meant one thing for me: constantly critiquing every room in my house. I think we…

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Why Woodworkers Should Try Cricut

Lately, almost every project I make involves the Cricut Design Space. This is especially true for woodworking. Honestly, I purchased the Cricut to help me customize my woodworking projects and it has seriously enhanced all the projects I’ve used it for (more than I can count). If it’s available, every crafter should try using a…

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Easter Egg Display Stand

Display your Easter eggs, whether they are hard boiled and dyed or wooden ones like the ones I created for Easter egg hunts I designed this project as a way to turn my family heirloom Easter eggs into a décor item for a cheerful spring vibe in my family room. This allowed me to not…

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Easter Sign Tutorial

Spring is a time of year us northerners are always looking forward too. I know when I see those first signs of life in the sunniest part of my yard that the countdown is on. Especially with lockdowns and restrictions across the country, a little bit of warm weather would be much appreciated by all.…

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