Bring Spring to Your Kitchen: DIY Wooden Sign Tutorial and 6 SVGs

I designed these SVGs to put on a reversible, interchangeable sign on my two tiered kitchen stand. Spring cheer always inspires me, especially after a long northern winter. I went with a bright colour palette for most of the designs, but you can really choose whatever colours you want. To see how I made the frame and the sign pieces these designs were featured on, check out the post below.

In this tutorial I will share my designs as well as how I put them on the faces of my signs that fit into the reversible, interchangeable sign.

Let’s Jump Into the Tutorial


  • Paint – I used Behr Interior Enamel in semi-gloss for the white signs
  • Wood conditioner (if staining some of the signs) – I used the Varathane one
  • Stain – I used Varathane stains in Kona and Special Walnut
  • Acrylic paints – I used Apple Barrel matte acrylic paints in a variety of colours
  • Paint pens – I used the Artistro ones I bought on amazon here (you don’t have to have these, but they work really well for small detail work)
  • White spray paint (optional as you could just sponge on paint instead)
  • Painter’s tape
  • A sealer/finish – I used brush on Polycrylic – If you’re using this to seal over HTV, check out my tutorial to see how they compare here
  • Stencil vinyl – I used Oracal Oramask stencil film
  • HTV – I used Sisser Easyweed in black and Cricut Everyday Iron On in white


  • Cricut or other cutting machine
  • Cutting mat
  • Weeding tool
  • Paintbrushes & sponges – I used a sponge brush for stenciling
  • Small roller – for painting sign faces
  • Paintbrush or lint free rags – I used the rags for wood conditioning and staining
  • Iron or Cricut Easy Press
  • Towel or pressing mat
Sign 1 – Donut Bug Me Before Coffee

Fonts: I used the google font Poppins and a font called Silverglow, which I purchased here.

Step 1 Initially I stained this sign linen white, but I didn’t quite like the look of it, so I painted it white.

Step 2 Based on your sign measurement add a square around the design that fits the sign. This will help with centering the design properly. Cut out the SVG and weed out the letters only.

Step 3 Sponge black paint over the lettering. Do very thin layers and let them dry enough to lose their shine before doing the next coat. I did 4 layers. This really doesn’t take long.

Step 4 Remove the coffee cup, leaving the areas that will remain white in place and sponge light grey (or the colour of your choice) over the mug as above.

Step 5 Remove outer edge of donut and sponge over a light brown colour (I mixed brown, white, yellow, and orange to form this colour).

Step 6 Remove the frosting ring of the donut. I used a purple paint pen to fill this in, but you could paint it in with a small brush.

Step 7 Remove stencil.

Step 8 Add sprinkles to your donut if desired.

Step 9 After design has dried for at least 4 hours, seal deign if desired. I used polycrylic for this.

Sign 2 – Bloom

Font: I used Mismade, which I purchased here.

Step 1 For this design I decided to paint a rainbow background. To do this I just did brush strokes in the diagonal across the sign using acrylic paints. You could do this in whatever rainbow colours you prefer. I added a few white streaks to add a bit of a water colour effect.

Step 2 After this dried overnight I cut out white HTV (Cricut Everyday Iron On) out using my Cricut. Make sure to put the vinyl shiny side down and mirror the design. Weed out the background. Note: When cutting out and centering the design, take into account the frame it will be fitting into.

Step 3 Iron on the design. I heated my easypress to 300 degrees F then preheated the surface for 5 seconds. Then I centered my design and pressed it with firm pressure for 40 seconds. I did a warm peel very carefully, even though Cricut recommends a cool peel I find this sometimes works well for me as long as I’m careful.

Step 4 After the design cools seal it. I used brush on polycrylic and did 2 coats.

Sign 3 – This Kitchen is for Dancing

Fonts: I used Mariogalo and Marketstreet.

Step 1 This sign was really simple. I left the sanded plywood unfinished. I cut the design out using my Cricut on Everyday Iron On in white.

Step 2 Weed off the background.

Step 3 Heat your iron or Easy Press to 300 degrees, preheat the wood for 5 seconds, center your design, press firmly for 40 seconds. I tend to do a hot peel, but I’m really careful and if it seems like the design is coming up, I stop.

Step 4 After the design cools, seal it. I used brush on polycrylic.

Sign 4 – For Everything Else There’s Wine

Fonts: I used Mariogalo and Marketstreet.

Step 1 Wood condition the sign

Step 2 30 minutes later, stain sign. I used Varathane Special Walnut

Step 3 In your cutting software add a rectangle around the design. I did 6 1/8″ by 5 3/4″ because that is the dimension of my sign. Then I centered the design in the part of the sign that is in the opening of the frame. A 5″ square. Then I cut this out onto Oracal Oramask stencil film.

Step 4 Weed out the text and design and then tape off the edges using painters tape if desired.

Step 5 I spray painted this design on using quick bursts at a distance to create very light coats. I let each coat dry for 10 minutes and did 3 coats, then I let the design dry for 20 minutes and removed the stencil, using my weeding too to remove the centers of the design.

Step 6 After the design dried completely I added the red wine with a burgundy paint pen.

Step 7 Let the design dry for at least 4 hours and then seal it. I used brush on polycrylic.

Sign 5 – Good Vibes

Font: I used Rose and Lavender

Step 1 Paint the sign face. I used Behr Interior Enamel semi-gloss in white.

Step 2 After the paint dries completely start on the design. First, I ironed on the lettering. I cut out the lettering on Siser Easyweed HTV vinyl in black, using my Cricut. I weeded out the background.

Step 3 Heat up your iron or Easy Press to 300 degrees F, preheat the sign surface for 5 seconds, center the design near the bottom, ensuring that it will be visible within the frame once applied. Press the design using medium pressure for 25 seconds.

Step 4 Next, cut out the rainbow on stencil vinyl. I used Oracal Oramask stencil film. I weeded out all the rings, but I recommend just doing one at a time. It will make it easier to isolate the colours. When placing the rainbow on the sign, I recommend avoiding the lettering to prevent it from peeling up. Use your scraper to adhere the stencil to the sign.

Step 5 Using a sponge brush, lightly paint on the colours in multiple coats, letting each coat dry enough to lose the shine. When each colour is painted on, remove the stencil.

Step 6 Seal your design. I used brush on polycrylic.

Sign 6 – Let it Shine

Font: I used peachyday

Step 1 Use wood conditioner to prep the sign face.

Step 2 After 30 minutes stain the sign. I used Varathane Kona.

Step 3 Using a cutting machine, cut out the design on stencil vinyl. I used Oracal Oramask stencil film. Weed out the lettering and the rays, but leave the rest of the sun in place. Center the design onto the sign and use the scraper to adhere it well.

Step 4 Stencil on the sun. I removed the ray pieces first and using a sponge brush, applied orange paint in 5 light coats, waiting until the paint lost its shine before applying the next coat. Next I removed the round part of the sun, leaving the eyes and cheek stencil in place. I painted with yellow in the same method. Then I filled in the eyes and cheeks with black and pink paint pens, and after the design dried, I added a smile.

Step 5 Stencil on the lettering in white in the same method above and let it dry for at least 4 hours.

Step 6 Seal the sign. I used brush on polycrylic.

All Done!

Now you can display your sign wherever you want. It’s easy to flip the sign around to change up your décor, or slide the sign out of the frame and replace it with another design that suits the season or an upcoming holiday.

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Happy Crafting!