Why Woodworkers Should Try Cricut

Lately, almost every project I make involves the Cricut Design Space. This is especially true for woodworking. Honestly, I purchased the Cricut to help me customize my woodworking projects and it has seriously enhanced all the projects I’ve used it for (more than I can count). If it’s available, every crafter should try using a cutting machine in their projects.

This is the first project I ever did on Cricut Design Space:

That first Cricut project resulted in this:

And then this:

And finally, this:

All three of these were designed starting with that one Cricut Design Space project. From the three of these you can really see how my husband (who did the majority of the first two crib boards) and myself (who did the majority of the last crib board) have evolved as woodworkers.

There have been so many other projects I’ve done with the Cricut since that first project.

I use the cricut for almost all my daughters’ birthday party decorations: from paper flowers to cake toppers and snowflakes.

I have even used the Cricut to make many home decor projects.

I created these drawer pulls for my daughter’s nursery from wood, but the template started with Cricut Design Space.

Most of my wooden signs begin in Design Space.

Not to mention the countless gifts I have created that started with Cricut.

I love being able to trace a design without having to cut out anything resulting in messy lines. I also love being able to stencil designs onto wood. I typically use my scroll saw to cut out the wooden lettering or small characters I make. Some I draw by hand, but if I’m looking for a specific shape I always start with Cricut. I have even started digitalizing my drawings to put on Cricut to make stencils with my own clipart.

The Cricut is the perfect complement to woodworking if you are looking for customized fun designs and aren’t afraid to use a bit of paint. It can be so helpful when designing as well, especially once you are really comfortable with the software, as I am.

I hope this inspires you to try something new with the Cricut, and maybe even go outside your woodworking comfort zone to design something fun and different.

Happy Crafting!