The Craft Life

Some of my earliest, most treasured memories are of crafting. I remember being a small girl; not even school age yet, going to the fabric store with my mom to buy craft supplies or to pick out fabric. I remember one time in particular when we picked up all the supplies to decorate Styrofoam balls for the Christmas tree. I still have some of the decorations we made. I truly cherish those memories and want to play homage to the strong women and men who taught me everything I know.

Crafting became my favourite pastime and I would seek out any opportunity to make things with my hands. I would watch art attack and make paper mache abominations without my mom’s knowledge. I actually enjoyed doing book reports and any school project that would allow me to go over the top with a craft. I would peer over my mom’s shoulder as she lovingly made me and my sibling’s Halloween costumes and beg my grandmother to teach me to knit and crochet. I coveted the shiny beads my other grandmother used to make dream catchers.

My first amigurumi

For Christmas, my father’s parents would often give us grandkids hand made wooden gifts such as signs with our names on them or dish holders with cat and dog faces on them. To me, the holidays have always been about handcrafting gifts.

Growing up, I was always watching my dad build things. He built our house, our shop, our sauna, and many other things. He always made me feel like I was helping, even if I was just watching, or even more likely, getting in his way. I used to sneak into his work space and open up every single can of paint, just hoping to find some bright colors. Usually all I would find was light blue, or white, but I kept trying. I’m pretty sure a lot of my dad’s paint dried up that way.

I would dream up random woodworking projects and convince my uncle to help me build them. He helped me turn an old pig barn into a girls only clubhouse (to try to keep my little brothers out). He also helped me build my first wooden box: the first of many.

All of these experiences taught me different skills and inspired me to create new things and try new forms of crafting. I have tried drawing, sewing, painting, working with wood, and hot gluing together anything I can get my hands on.

The best projects by far have been the ones I could share with the people around me. From school projects, to gifts, I love to share the things I make and hope to inspire other people to try new projects and new mediums. To me there is nothing more fulfilling than creating and bringing joy to others with my creations.

I hope to pass my love of crafting on to my daughters and I also hope to pass it on to anyone who reads this blog. I want all of you to get inspired to try something new, or work on an old skill. Crafting can be difficult at times, but if you go into it with an open mind it can be relaxing and so fulfilling. Give one of my projects a try and put your own creative twist on it. Please let me know how it goes so we can start a community of people who love to craft and share their ideas and creations.

Happy crafting!